As an on-line journal MACT can publish anything that can be converted into an Adobe Acrobat "PDF" file, assuming an 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper size.  So if we can read it electronically you can submit it.  But please keep in mind that if your document is not created by a widely used program, we may not be able to read it.  The end product must be something we can convert to Acrobat, but we will do that final conversion, so please do not submit an Acrobat file.  

     You will make our review easier if you can submit in a standard text file, where possible in Word.  Since file conversion programs sometimes do odd things with symbols, we prefer you create the document and do any needed conversions to put the file into Word.  Graphic attachments and illustrations should be submited as .jpg or .gif files if possible, as these are much more compact; in most cases 72 dpi is all the resolution you need.  Once we accept a paper, we will make more specific style suggestions for the final version. 

     Please be sure that you include with your submision a full name and return e-mail address, and any institutional information you think is relevant. 

     We publish as both a serial journal and as Monographs. We may occasionally publish a hard-line copy of MACT to keep the journal in an bookshelf size file for those wo prefer that form of storage; those are the same papers as published online.