MACT Report

The journal Mathematical Anthropology and Cultural Theory (MACT) is a refereed on-line free access scientific publication, dedicated to the science of anthropology. MACT publishes a back-up cope of previously published papers through printed text on Amazon. MACT is especially interested in papers, whether or not mathematical, on cultural theory, as well as papers using mathematics in the development of a science of anthropology.

MACT is a refereed journal with an ISSN. MACT is referenced in many social science indexing sources, and found often by search engines. MACT takes full advantage of the on line environment. Since it has no print schedule to keep, MACT has no deadlines for publication, but publishes whenever, and only when, it finds suitable papers. MACT is open to papers of any length.

Using an e-mail based review process, time from receipt of suitable papers to their publication can be as little as a few months, not years as for many print or traditional journals.

MACT charges no subscription charges fees for access to the site, nor for publication of papers. MACT is open to papers of any length. MACT decides on publication of submitted papers by a consensus decision of its Board of Editors and outside reviewers. The international board of editors represents disciplines including anthropology, mathematics, statistics, cognition and artificial intelligence. The Editors are, in alphabetical order, Paul Ballonoff, Gisele DeMeur, Irina Ezhkova, Michael Fischer, Richard Greechie, Paul Jorion, David Kronenfeld, Murray Leaf, F.K. "Kris" Lehman (F.K.L. Chit Hlaing), Martin Ottenheimer, and Dwight Read. In addition to review of papers voluntarily submitted through the web site or to an individual Editor, each Editor may also create refereed special issues on topics accepted by the Board of Editors, though no special issues have yet appeared.

Scientists wishing to publish papers, or to have topics, symposia, or other collections, considered for special issues, may contact the Senior Editor, or any other Editor (their email addresses are linked on their names on the Editors page of the MACT web site), or may access the Senior Editor.