Mathematical Anthropology and Cultural Theory, or MACT, is a refereed technical journal for the cultural sciences.

     We especially want to publish original research papers on mathematical anthropology, cultural theory, cognitive theory, the philosophy of science as applied to those topics, and related areas.  Papers could be mathematical, formal models, or (sometimes) just good reasoning.  We particularly want to publish new papers using algebras, logics, lattices, "finite methods", combinatorics or similar techniques. Innovative ideas will be favored.  Likely to be rejected: papers which are simply statistical studies or applied text book methods, and papers using standard analysis and/or standard simulations.  It may be good research but there are many other places for those papers.

     Proposed papers will be available to the entire Board of Editors, and other reviewers at the option of the Board of Editors.  A consensus of the Board of Editors that the paper is worth publishing is required to be published in MACT.  Please allow us up to six months to consider a proposed paper, but often we complete a review within less than two months. We can also provide preliminary comments on draft papers, intended for eventual publication in MACT.

     After suitable papers are accepted and revised if and as required, we publish them, with a publication date including volume number, calendar year, and month.  As an on-line journal we are not restrained by the elements that confine traditional journals.  Since we publish only occasionally as needed, deadlines don't force us to publish unsuitable papers.  As page space per volume is also not limited, there is therefore also no mandated minimum nor maximum size on an article or monograph.

     In summary, if we think it is a useful new contribution to cultural science, and we can put it in an Acrobat file, we can publish it here.

Copyright: The author(s) of a paper take a copyright on their own work; MACT does not take a copyright on materials published. However, by submitting a paper to MACT authors grant us a license to publish the paper in electronic form, and at our option in printed or other forms. Once accepted and published, authors also grant a license to any user of the journal to download and print the paper, and to cite from it subject to normal standards for reasonable scientific use.

Subscriptions: MACT charges no fee to subscribe or to obtain copies. Since MACT is distributed entirely on line, please simply book mark the page and check back occasionally. As well, you can join the voluntary notify on up-date list by using the registration form on the Home page.

Publisher: MACT is published by its Board of Editors. MACT is published occasionally, not on a previously fixed schedule, when the Board of Editors believes new materials warrant publication.

ISSN 1544-5879