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Progress of Mathematical Cultural Theory
Paul Ballonoff

SUBMITTED: 09/15/18, ACCEPTED: 11/11/18
Autobiographical Fragments from a Fringe Dweller
Woodrow W. Denham

SUBMITTED: 08/15/16, ACCEPTED: 09/20/16
Review of Red Professor: The Cold War Life of Fred Rose , 2015, by Peter Monteath and Valerie Munt
Woodrow W. Denham

SUBMITTED: 09/18/15, ACCEPTED: 10/05/15
Letter Concerning: "On the Structure of Dravidian Relationship Systems" by Mauro William Barbosa de Almedia (MACT, Vol 3, No 1)
Woodrow W. Denham SUBMITTED: 09/19/10, ACCEPTED: 10/09/10

Reply to: F.K.L. Chit Hlaing, "On G. Bennardo and D. Read's 'The Tongan Kinship Terminology' (MACT 2005): On Associativity"
Dwight Read SUBMITTED: 01/08/06, ACCEPTED: 01/15/06

On G. Bennardo and D. Read's 'The Tongan Kinship Terminology' (MACT 2005): On Associativity
F. K. L. Chit Hlaing SUBMITTED: 12/24/05, ACCEPTED: 01/16/06

The Read-Lehman Letters on Kinship Mathematics
Dwight Read, Kris Lehman (F. K. L. Chit Hlaing) SUBMITTED: 12/21/04, ACCEPTED: 01/04/05

The Logic of Older/Younger Sibling Terms in Classificatory Terminologies
Dwight Read SUBMITTED: 10/30/04, ACCEPTED: 11/09/04