Mathematical Anthropology and Cultural Theory
senior editor: Paul Ballonoff at

Irina V. Ezhkova

Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Cognition
International Institute of Applied Technology,  Belgium

Michael Fischer

Sr. Lecturer in Social Anthropology and Computing
Director of the Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing
University of Kent at Canterbury

Richard Greechie

Professor of Mathematics
Louisiana Technical University

Paul Jorion

Director Artificial Intelligence - Théorie et Pratique
Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, Paris
and Associate Research Director
Collège International de Philosophie, Paris

David Kronenfeld

Professor of Anthropology
University of California at Riverside

Murray Leaf

Professor of Anthropology
University of Texas, Dallas

F.K. Lehman
(F.K.L. Chit Hlaing)

Professor of Anthropology and Cognitive Science
University of Illinois, Urbana

Gisele de Meur

Professor of Anthropology
The Free University Brussels, Belgium

Martin Ottenheimer

Professor of Anthropology
Kansas State University

Dwight Read

Professor of Anthropology
and Professor of Statistics
University of California at Los Angeles

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